Why Kontrol




Kontrol Energy was formed in 2015 by a group of energy veterans who recognized that the Energy Efficiency industry is one of the fastest growing fuel sources for the global economy.

We believe that Smarter Energy is possible and see a robust future of lower energy costs and lower Greenhouse Gas (GHG) emissions driven by the Internet of Things (IOT), Cloud and Blockchain technology.


“Energy Efficiency is the invisible powerhouse in IEA countries and beyond, to improve our energy security, lower our energy bills and move us closer to reaching our climate goals ”
                    - IEA.org


Why Customers Choose Kontrol


Immediate Energy Savings

We are passionate about delivering immediate energy savings.


Improved Visibility and Measurement

Greater visibility and the ability to measure results in real-time to support ongoing operations.


Corporate Sustainability

We are committed to enhancing and improving our customers’ sustainability objectives.


Enhanced Profitability

We are driven to improve our customer’s bottom line.


Our Leadership Team

Benefit from our Smart Energy Solutions