Multi-residential properties are challenged with the ability to increase rents in order to off-set the growing impact of energy costs, which are outpacing inflation by a significant margin. As energy costs escalate there is a corresponding decrease in Net Operating Income (NOI) and property valuation.

Kontrol’s multi-residential solutions and technologies are specifically designed to reduce your energy costs, increase your NOI and improve your property valuation. Further, Kontrol is a leader in tenant engagement and understands the importance of tenant satisfaction to the overall success of a multi-residential property operation and portfolio.

Features & Benefits

  • Real-time energy monitoring Accelerate energy conservation initiatives through real time monitoring of energy consumption

  • Identify high return energy retrofits and upgrades Device level energy data detects energy waste and delivers benchmarking data that helps improve energy consumption per suite, building and an overall portfolio. Access to real-time information and analysis gives you the comfort you require to implement only those improvements which achieve your organizations internal rate of return

  • Comply with energy and water disclosure laws monitoring Customized granular energy data and historical reports

  • Optimize Maintenance By comparing the efficiency of systems and prioritize maintenance visits

  • Tenant Engagement Given the choice the majority of tenants want to participate in energy conservation program. Our 10 years of tenant engagement experience and our unique approach can help you add to your existing tenant engagement programs and improve tenant satisfaction

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