In the global economy manufacturers need to gain every cost advantage possible to remain competitive. They may be also at risk of facing a new regime of Carbon Taxes.

Kontrol’s solutions and technologies will help you reduce your energy costs, increase your operating income and reduce potential Carbon Taxes.

Features & Benefits

  • Real-time energy monitoring Reduce energy waste and increase system reliability. Detect off-hour energy consumption and benchmark inefficiencies and areas of improvement

  • Identify high return energy retrofits and upgrades Device level energy data detects energy waste and delivers benchmarking data that helps improve energy consumption and reduce demand charges. Access to real-time information and analysis gives you the comfort you require to implement only those improvements which achieve your organizations internal rate of return

  • Identify and Reduce Carbon Taxes Lowering energy consumption and adding renewable power generation solutions can negate costly energy efficiencies and Carbon Taxes

  • Comply with energy and water disclosure laws monitoring Customized granular energy data and historical reports

  • Optimize Maintenance By comparing the efficiency of systems and prioritize maintenance visits

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