Through growing regulation and a new Carbon Taxation regime, Utilities are facing the ever increasing burden of accelerating their Energy Conversation and Energy Demand management initiatives and targets.

Kontrol’s solutions and technologies provide Utilities with the opportunity to accelerate existing Energy Conservation and Energy Demand Management programs through a collaborative process.

Features & Benefits

  • Control off-hours consumption Real time energy solutions and monitoring of energy can have a significant impact on wasted energy and after-hours usage

  • Benchmark buildings and campuses Prioritize actions across multiple devices and multiple sites by benchmarking and analyzing device data

  • Measure effectiveness of retrofits Support sustainability and ongoing regulatory reporting through historical energy data and energy efficiency analytics

  • Improve Continuously Being able to access information in real time allows for continuous improvement of energy conservation and energy demand. Further through continuous monitoring and benchmarking, stakeholders are fully engaged and part of the process of achieving the overall organizational sustainability goals

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