Kontrol Smart Technology

While we remain locked in a winter chill in Ontario, our business continues to grow with numerous exciting initiatives underway. We remain highly focused on growing our technology platform and scaling our business across North America.  We are passionate about helping our customers achieve their energy, efficiency and sustainability goals and continue to add large blue chip customers to our operating platform.

Kontrol Smart Technology

We have recently introduced the Kontrol Smart Family of products including SmartSuite(r), SmartSite(r) and SmartMax(r). In the coming months we will be sharing success stories around deployment, expansion and a growing portfolio of use cases.


We have a number of attractive acquisitions in various stages of due diligence and we continue to see a strong pipeline of opportunity to execute on. We are being selective and patient in our acquisitions and focusing on the best strategic opportunities with careful consideration to revenue synergies.

Strategic Partnerships

We are working on growing our strategic partnerships through the expansion of our technology platform. With 5G networks on the way the Internet of Things (IOT), Big Data and Cloud solutions are integral to Smart Buildings and Smart City initiatives.

Our Impact Investing and Sustainability Metrics

Did you know that across our operating portfolio we are delivering approximately 1 Billion in kilowatt energy savings annually and up 600,000 kg of C02 emission reduction annually.

Donald Cudmore