The Cannabis industry is a new growth sector in the global economy and requires large amounts of low cost energy to be successful.

Through our distributed generation and energy analytics solutions and technologies Kontrol can provide a competitive advantage for Cannabis growers seeking to optimize their energy demand and consumption. 

Kontrol also provides solutions and technologies to meet the air quality and emission compliance.

Features and Benefits

  • Real-time energy monitoring Reduce energy waste and increase system reliability. Detect inefficiencies and areas of improvement


  • Identify high return energy retrofits and distributed generation upgrades Device level energy data detects energy waste and delivers benchmarking data that helps improve energy consumption. Access to real-time information and analysis gives you the intelligence you require to implement only those improvements which achieve your organizations internal rate of return. Reduce your per unit cost to deliver your industry leading cannabis crop.


  • Comply with energy and water disclosure laws monitoring Customized granular energy data and historical reports


  • Optimize Maintenance By comparing the efficiency of systems, prioritize maintenance and manage in real-time

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Benefit from our Smart Energy Solutions